XRPUSD Short📉 for BITSTAMP:XRPUSD by Solldy — TradingView

The end of the working week is coming to an end! I wish you only a profitable weekend.

As we can see, the price is gradually trying to move down to the level. I also remind you that the price broke out of the channel and started moving up. Now the price is between two strong lines. The resistance line starts in October 2018 and the support line starts in September 2018.

Note that the price has twice tried to move up to the strong resistance line in order to bounce off it and go down.

Today I expect the price to be able to reach the strong resistance line that originates in 2018. This will help the price push off well and start moving down. I think that the price will be able to follow my arrow and reach the support level .📉

Do you agree?)

Your Solldy.

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