UBER Ultimate Chart?!! for NYSE:UBER by cool121612 — TradingView

$Uber i am liking the average Volume coming in as well i believe this is a 5 wave structure starting off on the daily time frame with min targets, Also it broke out of a nice triangle on the Daily Time Frame, In the lower time frames i see it a wave 2 or a retest of the trendline of the triangle if i see a bounce off here soon i will get getting in with a stop loss under the previous low. Again failed to do soo you can also short it if you would like but i will just wait as it can build a bigger triangle. As always if you want to support me or follow me on twitter or any social media link is below. https://linktr.ee/raulfm . DISCLAIMER: i am now a finicial advisor i am noit telling you what to buy or what to sell, i am just freely sharing my ideas. Thank You for the support!https://linktr.ee/raulfm

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