Siacoin (SCBTC) Trade Signal (683%) for BINANCE:SCBTC by alanmasters — TradingView


Siacoin ( SCBTC ) has retraced all the way back to Jan. 2020 support level , which sits at 15 satoshis.

Now we are seeing prices starting to bounce… This setup can be traded, here you have the full numbers for your convenience.



BUY: 16-18



1) 22

2) 26

3) 33

4) 38

5) 45

6) 54

7) 63

8) 83

9) 93

10) 123

11) 141

STOP: Close weekly (W) below 14.


This is all pretty simple, the altcoins market is going to grow big.

Buy and hold and wait patiently…

Build a plan…

Be more patient…

Sell when prices are moving up and green.

Buy when prices are going down and red.

If one opportunity is gone, another one will come and take its place.

Wishing you always, now & forever, the very best.



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This is not financial advice.


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