link to 14.5$ … then correction 40% down for BINANCE:LINKUSDT by ahmedwael2001 — TradingView

of course link one of the most potential coins in market and have huge gains on long term maybe to 60$ n even 100$

but on the chart it seems to be that the white trend resistance is hard to be broken some how and link respected many times before

according to the whole bullish market we saw the last months and the fact of correcting every year on the first quarter

we can predict to see a safe healthy correction between 9.60$ to 8.25$ between February n April 2021

especially that in same time corona will reach its climate on most of world and will have its impact on whole market of course

on short term we can reach 14$ – 15$ and then the correction starts. ( from jan to mid feb. 2021)

stay safe n good luck…

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