Is it leading the Altcoin bullrun? for BINANCE:ADAUSD by Crypto-Quantum-Fox — TradingView


Hey everyone, been a minute, I’ve been out surfing and spending time with the family and friends. Which btw is what life is really about, not these trading games.

Now, into the trading games:

Its simple. Its in the title. Zilliqa I think is leading the ALTCOIN bull run. Which has started but hasn’t quite popped off yet. ie. hasn’t reached mania stage obviously. You’ll know its at that point when they start moving 20-150% EVERYday.

Market makers create these chart pricing shapes, by creating impulse buys and sells in the minnows. It seems the MM on ZIL have their algos set to an earlier program. Why? I have no idea. Maybe its a test run of sorts. Anyway its reasonably clear to see and gives me hope for the other big caps like ADA.

We just got a higher high on ZIL today, which was CRUCIAL spot for it to do so.

If indeed this theory is correct we are on the verge of a pretty big leg up for some popular ALTS. I am looking at ADA, XLM , RSR, DIA, VET, TRAC .

Goodluck fellow degens. Lets get it.


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