I would be buying 1INCH for BINANCE:1INCHUSDT by DreamBIG90 — TradingView


If I had more money to throw around I would be stacking up on 1inch. The metrics look amazing. The elliot wave oscillator is growing , just made a cup and handle with a confirmed uptrend breakout, it just passed the ssl chanel in the 30 min chart, and it also just bounced off the bottom fib line headed towards the top. I think there will be a sell off and consolidation around 1.0144 and again at 1.10 , Take these profits and wait to buy back in unless it plows through these. But Be expecting a pull back VERY soon to .92 to .94 these would be my Buy zones. Would I HODL this coin? Probably not, but looks like a great short term money machine!


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