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We have a fantastic opportunity to end 2020 with a bang, and I am going to explain how you can turn $2k into $20k the final week of December. First I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and this post is my Christmas gift to you. We will either loose $2k together or make an $18k profit together. There is risk but in my opinion the reward is so significantly greater and likely. I am going through with it, and in the end it’s your call. No pun intended.

CSCO recently received a buy signal on the Bollinger Bands , and has growing bullish divergence on the MACD , and D+.

With such strong divergence and CSCO being so close to breaking resistance, I believe we will see a break out and see the stock hit new highs.

My strategy is to buy 100 contracts ( calls ) for CSCO to hit $45 a share by 12/31

The contracts are currently trading for 0.19 a contract and I can see the contract value hitting a high of $2.00 a contract

I want to give all the credit to @avakstocks for finding this breakout opportunity after learning to use my technical analysis strategy.

This is a big opportunity and I ask that if you decide to make this power play and win big, to donate a small fraction like $50 worth of coins to @avakstocks to help fund his pro membership.

Comment your thoughts below, follow to see what happens, and make sure to like if you think this will happen!

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