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#BTC (Update)

In 8h timeframe Chart, Bitcoin Bulls Still holding the KEY SUPPORT LEVELS (Trendline, Ichimoku Cloud & 30.8k Horizontal Support)

Yesterday, Bitcoin tested the Trendline, Ichimoku Cloud & 30.8k Horizontal Support after 25% Correction.

As You can see on the chart, bitcoin is forming Head & Shoulders pattern as well but Right Shoulder still not completed.

In Worst Case, If Bitcoin Bulls lost the Trendline & Ichimoku Cloud Support and H&S Also broken downside, Bitcoin might test the 24k Support area .

In Bullish Case, If Bitcoin remains above the Trendline, I’m expecting another ATH in Coming days (Maybe 50k in Late January)

📌 Unfilled CME gaps..!!

28th DEC : 23670-26650

14th DEC : 18115-19155

30th Nov : 16925-18275

19th OCT : 11370-11470

12th OCT : 11360-11095

27th July : 9925-9645

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