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GBPCHF D1: Trading Strategy BULLS/BEARS (SL/TP)(NEW)

🔸 Summary and potential trade setup
::: GBPCHF D1/candle chart review
::: currently trading in mid range
::: trading here is risky
::: for best results short from overhead
::: or buy low from confirmed S/R level
::: we are so far stuck in 500 pips range
::: for the last 6 months
::: have to be flexible
::: 1.2120/1.2200 best zone to SHORT/HOLD
::: 1.1680/1.1760 best zone to BUY/HOLD
::: currently can’t recommend any entries
::: wait for re-test of key S/R levels
::: before putting on any trades
::: SWING trade setup do not expect
::: fast/miracle overnights gains here
::: good luck traders
🔸 Supply/Demand Zones
::: 1680/1760 fresh demand zone
::: 2120/2200 fresh supply zone
🔸 Other noteworthy technicals/fundies
::: TD9 /Combo update: N/A
::: Sentiment short-term: MIXED/RANGE
::: Sentiment outlook mid-term: MIXED/RANGE


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