GBPAUD, 4hr tf, sell on retest of potential reversal zone for FX:GBPAUD by HayatoDragonFX — TradingView


Hello everyone,

GBPAUD pairs gonna be my 3rd trading plan for next week.

This pair trading plan gonna be like GBPNZD .

Both of it aiming for a potential downward movement to fill the gap.

This gap have now been left open for 2 weeks.

It is not fully closed yet and i think we could see it sooner or later.

The best place to enter sell will be arond 1.7900-1.7920 because it has acted as resistane for 2 times.

I am waiting or price to test it once again and enter sell with a pending sell limit order.

Sell limit GBPAUD 1.7900

Stop loss 1.7960

Take profit 1.7570 (5.5R)

RR Ratio 1 : 5.5

Use only 1-2% risk

Good luck


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