EURCHF near to a monthly structure 🦐 for FOREXCOM:EURCHF by plancton0618 — TradingView


EURCHF is trading near to a monthly structure.
The price attempt to break above but always pushed back.
After the last bounce on the 0.382 the market started an uptrend over an ascending trendline.
IF the price will break and close above the upper structure we will see a nice long order according to Plancton’s strategy.


Follow the Shrimp 🦐

Keep in mind.

🟣 Purple structure -> Monthly structure.

🔴 Red structure -> Weekly structure.

🔵 Blue structure -> Daily structure.

🟡 Yellow structure -> 4h structure.

⚫️ Black structure -> <4h structure.

Here is the Plancton0618 technical analysis , please comment below if you have any question.

The ENTRY in the market will be taken only if the condition of the Plancton0618 strategy will trigger.

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