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Hey tzradomaniacs

I will personally take this EUR/USD trade now as I have a higher risk-aversion. Looking at SPX500 I see lots of buyers stacking here and so a chance of a breakout soon.

DXY is a t a key-resistance while EUR/USD is at a key-support-level. To me nice confluence and potential ROSK-ON in the market.

As this trade is risky because I hold it overnight I keep the risk low.

Please don`t execute it if you can`t sleep well with more open positions in this news-driven market. and stay out.🙏

  • EUR/USD: Swingtrade-Execution

    Market-Buy-Order: 1,18190

    Stop-Loss: 1,17980

    Target 1: 1,18385

    Target 2: 1,18530

    Target 3: 1,18690

    Target for One-Target-Trader: 1,18530

    Stop-Loss: 21 pips

    Risk: 0,5% – 1%

    Risk-Reward: 2,41

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Peace and good trades


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