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I use wave pattern to see where the correction may end. right now we have the structu for 1 impulsive wave with a pattern retracing at the fibo ratio of 85.4% of wave 1 (see fibo table at the left).

the pattern i identified is an expanded flat :

Guideline for expanded flat

• A corrective 3 waves move labelled as ABC

• Subdivision of wave A and B is in 3 waves

• Subdivision of wave C is in 5 waves impulse / diagonal

• Subdivision of wave A and B can be in any corrective 3 waves structure including zigzag , flat, double three, triple three

• Wave B of the 3-3-5 pattern terminates beyond the starting level of wave A

• Wave C ends substantially beyond the endng level of wave A

• Wave C needs to have momentum divergence

Fibonacci Ratio Relationship for expanded flat

• Wave B = 123.6% of wave A

• Wave C = 123.6% – 161.8% of wave AB

guideline and fibo ratio seems to be respected

potential price target if premise is true :

this kinda correlate with my last post in ethusdt wave pattern :

*this is not an investment advice, eth 3x token are high risk assets, use extreme caution, specially if you are new*


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