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Hey tradomaniacs,

We`ve got to be very carefully again as I see traps being prepared in the market.

Lots of retailers are currently looking for shorts in Major-Pairs such as AUD/USD , EUR/USD , GBP/USD and NZD/USD to catch the peek while CoT-Data are showing still a strong long-positioning of retailers.

We could eventually see a move down of DXY (US-DOLLAR) in order to stop out the long-positions and to attract retailers to sell the peeks.

This would give the big players enough liquidity to fill their long-positions.

With Biden as the President we can expect a stimulus-package in the future which means more liquidity for the market and so an inflational affect 👉 DOLLAR short.

Nontheless we need to look at the Senate aswell which is very important.

If the Republicans win the Senate we might see a very good chance of another rally in the stock-market as they will probably not accept Bidens tax-increase.

In case of Democrats winning the seats in the Senate we could see the “blue-wave” in form of a sweep and so quick decision making.

The best scenario would be to see DXY (Us-DOLLAR) to retrace with the opening in order to attract the sellers.

Just be careful with quick trade-decisions now.

Let`s see what happens.👌

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Peace and good trades


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