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More often than once a month, it is impossible to review the Dash, and there is no need for this, since the coin likes to walk for a long time in large consolidations.
A series of DASHUSDT ideas will be attached below.

After 2.5 months of autumn consolidation, the DASH price has broken the trend and now, for more than a month, is consolidating above the trend.

The price movement corridor is about 35%, trade from border to border and just take profit on time, everything is simple)

Dash did not shoot following BTC and the main reason, we think it is worth mentioning, is the statement of the Bittrex exchange about the delisting of DASH, XMR and ZEC 15. 01 .

But if you look at the history of Dash trading, it fired when no one expected it.

To the upper limit of the channel +30%.

To the target above, where one will need to sell Dash in the zone of $135-145 +60%.

Long mood will change when more negative news is released, while the price will fall and fix below $80.

A pretty good risk/reward ratio for the mid-term trade is appearing now.


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