CyberVein Leaning Many Of The Smaller Altcoins for OKEX:CVTBTC by alanmasters — TradingView


Before this whole altcoins market craze started, CyberVein ( CVTBTC ) was one of the first pairs to move.

I remember charting this one and seeing strong growth

We just got out of a correction period/a bearish wave…

Now, CyberVein is once again taking off.

This can signal that the rest of the smaller altcoins are also getting ready to grow.

Just as we saw in the past with LENDBTC , ASTBTC , RENBTC , and many more…

When one altcoin pair prints strong bullish action, the rest is likely to follow since the entire market is connected so we can expect additional growth.

As for CVTBTC itself, this chart…

We do not buy/trade at these levels.

We do not trade this type of chart.

We look for pairs that are trading low/near support.

This in turn gives us lower risk and higher potential rewards.



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