CLEAR DOWNTREND WHICH STARTED JANUARY 3RD (3 validation points) for COINBASE:BTCUSD by YurloTrades — TradingView


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As you can see in the visuals above (TA) we’ve started a downtrend just after Q4 (quarter 4) ended in 2020. I think that big investors wanted to have significant results in terms of % gains over the total year and in most cases Q4 is the most important Q. Now that we’ve entered Q1, it’s the perfect time for bitcoin to start a downtrend and print the macro yearly low (which could be printed by the end of Q1 imo)

We’d have to get a breakout above $32,920 for things to gain momentum to the upside again, in other words if you’re in a short position I’d place my s/l right above this level for maximum ROI % gains.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions, also I’ve created a 2000 words trading guide, “Yurlo’s Trading Guide” would you guys be interested if i released it to the public in 2021? It features TA ( technical analysis ), trading psychology , risk management, market structure, and trading rules. All of these categories are very important to know in depth and detail, however some of the wisdom included only stems from losses and gaining insight on how to outperform the subject next time.


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