BTCUSD the bulls are back after the stop hunt as predicted.. for BITSTAMP:BTCUSD by DaweFXHunter — TradingView


Hi Traders, thank you for watching my multi-timeframe analysis of this pair.
My trading strategy is based on the simplicity and core of the markets which is Buying and selling.

I’m trying to spot the next steps of the big players by using the Market profile, Volume and COT (commitment of traders)

The way I think about the markets is based on the fact that Market makers (banks, hedge funds)can do their operations only when other side (traders like you and me)

provide them liquidity = We must sell so they can buy and opposite. So I’m looking for the Stop loss zones, fake outs and other confluences to enter the markets.

My battlefield is defined by the channels on the higher timeframes, I mostly play on the upper bands and middle bands in the directions of the COT .’

I’m swing trading not intraday trading, so my ideas always takes a time and patience to play out and most important is to do the good risk management, se we can stay emotionless in a trades.

Don’t hesitate to comment with any questions and if you learning something support this idea with like or share it in other trading forums.

Wish you good hunt !!

Dave FX Hunter

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