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NOW is a ticker that often flies under the radar when it comes to retail investors. With 80%+ institutional investment, NOW is a solid ticker and one that I consider a juggernaut. Even during the September and October corrections, NOW has rebounded extremely quickly and is one of the tickers in the S&P 500 that has delivered almost a 100% return on investment over the past year.

This is another blue sky breakout set up, which almost triggered this past Wednesday except we saw a spike in the VIX , and SPY / QQQ had a slight dip. When the market is ready to rebound, keep this ticker on close watch. 1/15/21 contracts could be a safe play here if you want to give it a bit of cushion. For me, if the market is able to reclaim the 9 EMA on the daily, I will consider 12/18 550c or 560c for a riskier, higher reward play.

PT1: 544.84

PT2: 561.06

PT3: 575.50

PT4: 596.25


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