Bitcoin The Great Crash Test Dummy… for COINBASE:BTCUSD by Swoop6 — TradingView


Bitcoins rise and demise will be a spectacular show for the world to see…but why?
> BTC don’t fit the world agendas going forward
> Decentralization is only real if they want it to be (but has served as a damn good sales pitch to fools)
> Social divide created is an actual illusion! your suspected enemy is most likely the creator/creators of BTC
> Riches will not be handed to the lower ends of town in any obvious manner they have perfected this art
> Digital gold and store of value are just buzz words and catch phrases to lure in novices making them believe they’re apart of something special
> BTC sub 3k will be a great reality check to the tribal believers
> ETH is the future not BTC
> Let the hate ensue.


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