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TA: If that . 618 retracement holds, we could see aapl push to 1.618 long term. The chart looks healthy.

Side Notes:

We are still in a bullish phase. Personally, I think AAPL is wildly overvalued, however market doesn’t care about my opinion. The TA is the king . Brent Johnson’s dollar milkshake theory is playing out right now. “Buy equity because things are really bad”. Enjoy the financial bubble while it lasts. IDK how many years we will see this bubble rise.

Personal thoughts:

I think US equities, as a whole will rise with dollar and gold . Then I think we will see a major inflation . Things are going to be “expensive”. Renminbi could become one of the reserve currencies taking some power away from USD. AAPl sells at any price so, I think it will go full bubble mode like BTC when we are at the climax of the changing world order. I am a trader and all I care about is profit. Lets see what this market offers us.

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