004. CryptPigo Play – Long + Quick Flip BitTorrent (BTT/USD) for BITFINEX:BTTUSD by Perma_Pig — TradingView


The cryptocurrency landscape is about to enter a very bullish state. Many opportunities will appear over the next two weeks, and I would like to take full advantage.

Aside from just buying and holding Bitcoin , Ethereum , and a few other Alt names, flipping breakouts on high volume is now becoming a very real possibility.

BitTorrent is one such opportunity I see, which has a clearly defined beginning and end – with high volume to get in and out as needed. This last point is crucial because it is nearly impossible to perform such a vanishing act under normal circumstances – there just isn’t enough volume to get anywhere close to entering at the bottom and closing at the top.

However, markets will occasionally change their nature in the short term to allow some winning now and again.

The tough part is recognizing these times and having the powder set aside to launch accordingly.

Long it, flip it, bop it, just don’t short it with leverage.

– PigTorrent







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